The 8 Best Wireless Dog Fence

A dog in your premises can change your life in numerous ways. It is joy unlimited to have a little fur buddy always around. However, there is always danger lurking around because your dog may wander too far out of curiosity, get caught in a road mishap or be kidnapped.

It is thus important to always keep them monitored and safe. While you can install a physical barrier to prevent them from wandering out of your yard, it will compromise on the aesthetics and may not comply with the rules of the community you live in.

Wireless dog fence systems thus come into the picture. The best wireless dog fence systems are invisible fence for dogs that are easy to install and do not compromise the looks of your property.

Here are some best rated wireless dog fence that you can use to confine and keep your precious fur baby safe.

The 5 Top-Rated Wireless Dog Fence for 2023

1. Extreme dog fence


This is one of the best electric dog fence systems that offers dog containment for up to 6 acres of property area. It is an underground dog fence bundle that offers all the stuff required to contain 1 dog in about 1/3 acre. It offers support for an unlimited number of dogs on the system. You can individually program the correction strength of each collar. It comes with 7 levels of correction and 1 level of beep. You can choose based on the individual need of your dog. It is one of the most dependable underground dog fence solutions with a very reliable signal.

It comes with the temp check feature that keeps the fence stable even when the temperature outside changes.

It is good that it doesn’t move unexpectedly and pose a danger to your pet. The wire check feature automatically takes care of any wire issues and adjusts the signal to retain the fence boundary in a fixed location.

The battery check features monitors the status of the battery in the training collar periodically and eliminates any false ‘low battery’ reminders. The frequency encoding feature prevents and signal interference from other devices or neighboring invisible dog fence systems.


  • Very good and knowledgeable customer support that is available constantly on the phone.
  • Easy to train the dog using this system.
  • A very cost-effective DIY kit.
  • Comes with a thick wire and lightning protector.


  • A bit tedious to install

2. Petsafe Stay and play

This is one of the best wireless invisible dog fence systems that eliminates the hassle of burying wires and still offers a wide coverage. It is among the best-rated dog fence systems and is thoroughly appreciated by dog owners.

  • It offers an adjustable circular coverage up to 3-4 acres from where the portable transmission device is placed.
  • It eliminates all the hassles of burying wires and is a completely wireless electric fence.
  • It differs from the traditional in-ground fences and doesn’t issue a correction to your dog when it passes the boundary while returning home.
  • It is a portable dog fence that is simple to install and pretty compact. You can even carry it around to vacations and campsites.
  • This PetSafe wireless fence comes with a waterproof collar that fits dogs of varied neck sizes and works with all PetSafe Wireless fence transmitters.
  • It comes with a long battery life that lasts up to 3 weeks before issuing a low battery alert.
  • The dog’s collar settings can be personalized and you can use the sound only training setting.
  • There is no limit on the number of collars you can add to the fence system.


  • Very convenient to setup.
  • A compact sized unit allows unplugging and taking anywhere to setup again.
  • The collar holds battery for very long.
  • The warranty is very reliable and customer care is very responsive.


  • The signal is sometimes inconsistent.

3. PetSafe Wireless

This wireless pet fence is a boon for pet owners that offers adjustable circular coverage of nearly 1-2 acres from the location of the portable transmitter. It is safe to call it the best invisible dog fence with the host of amazing features that it offers.

  • One of the best features is that it eliminates the hassle of burying wires and helps create a secure boundary for your little fur babies.
  • It allows a static-free reentry to your dog and helps them return home without being static corrected.
  • The waterproof collar fits all dogs above 8 pounds in weight and is compatible with other fence receiver collars from PetSafe.
  • The collar battery lasts for nearly 2 months before the battery indicator nudges for replacement.
  • Includes 5 static levels on the collar to easily train the dog.
  • Unlimited pets can be added to this wireless dog fence system by just adding additional collars.


  • Very easy to convey the boundary to the dog and train them.
  • The battery holds very long.
  • The signal is consistent.
  • Works perfectly for large areas.


  • The boundary changes slightly due to the position of parked car.

4. SportDog brand

This is an in-ground fence system that makes for an awesome alternative to a traditional fence. The bundle includes about 1000 feet of wire, 100 flags, a transmitter, and a collar receiver. It is quite effective for a large yard as big as 1 acre. You can add more wire and flag kids and extend the cover to up to 100 acres. Yes, the transmitter is that powerful.

  • It can be installed easily by just burying the wire around the periphery and plugging in the transmission device.
  • It comes with 4 level static to different dogs. It also includes stimulation option using vibration as well as beep.
  • The waterproof collar is ideal for all weather conditions.
  • It is ideal for all dog breeds above 10 pounds.
  • The battery is very long-lasting and goes up to nearly 6-12 months.
  • It comes with a wire break alarm feature that alerts against any problems with the boundary wire.
  • It comes with an in-built capability to protect against lightening.
  • You can add any number of dogs to the system using additional collars.
  • It is an underground dog fence that is invisible to the neighbors.
  • It includes an anti-linger feature that doesn’t allow the dog to drain the battery by standing in the warning zone.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Very effective even for heavy, older and very active dogs.
  • The wire is long enough for a large area.
  • The system is very easy to set up with basic instructions.


  • The battery on the collar is a bit large and may sometimes cause issues with neck movement.

5. PetSafe YardMax

This best brand wireless dog fence is the ideal hybrid option to pet proof your space inside out. You can use it to avoid your dogs going to areas such as trash cans and kitchens. If you are looking for an invisible fence for dogs, this might just be the right solution.

  • The rechargeable collar can be charged quickly and it retains the charge for nearly 3 weeks upon charging just once for 2-3 hours. The collar comes with a sound only training function and includes an additional 5 levels of static correction.
  • The correction is issued right at the boundary and not before it. This helps your dog to enjoy the complete yard. This is why it is called YardMax.
  • It offers reentry to the dog and doesn’t issue a static correction when they are returning home.
  • The perfect-fit technology is an unprecedented feature in this best rated wireless dog fence. It keeps you informed whether the collar is the right fit for the dog. It is also ideal for dogs as small as 5 pounds in weight and with neck sizes ranging between 6-28 inches.
  • The hybrid wireless dog fence system can support an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars.


  • The YardMax mode is very beneficial and helps maximize the space.
  • Allows users to create more complex and smarter layouts.
  • A lot cheaper and easier than traditional fencing.
  • The battery charges very fast and holds fairly long.


  • The collar housing is very thin plastic

6. PetSafe Collar fence

This electric fence for dogs comes from a company that employs superior research and quality in their products. It is the ideal electric fence for small dogs as well as big dogs and allows you to confine your dogs in the safest possible way.

  • The waterproof collar that comes with this fencing for dogs fit all dogs above 5 pounds weight and is ideal for neck sizes between 6-28 inches. It can be clubbed with all wireless fence transmitters from PetSafe.
  • The low battery indicator alerts the owner to recharge the battery only after nearly 3 weeks of recharging.
  • You can train the dogs using personalized settings such as the sound only training mode and 5 static levels.
  • You can add any number of dogs using collars and the quality is guaranteed by this superior brand.


  • Easy to carry to another location and restrain the dog there.
  • Very easy to train even the most stubborn dogs.
  • It holds the charge well.
  • The shock is not too strong to traumatize the dog.


  • The collar is snap style and may come off easily for some dogs.

7. Pet control HQ

If you are looking for custom coverage that secures your fur babies in a huge yard, this is one of the best pet fence systems. Ideal for large spaces and complicated layouts, it is a combination of a wireless dog fence system and a wired design above or below the ground. It works as a dual-zone pet containment system that allows the flexibility and ease of installation of a wireless dog fencing system. Additionally, you can add nearly 492 feet of wire above or under the ground. This way you can shape the fencing system based on your yard.

  • It is very easy to control and train stubborn dogs with this system as it comes with a remote to control the collars manually and also includes a vibration mode additionally to the beep system. The electric shock collar levels can also go from 1-10 and get attention from the dog.
  • The collar comes with an 8 second shut down feature that ceases the shocks to ensure safety for the dog.
  • The collar batteries last long and can be rapidly recharged.
  • The collar is lightweight and waterproof.
  • The collar issues correction in an automatic progressive way in 3 levels.


  • Very easy to use and user-friendly.
  • The beep and vibrate work well to train the dog and shock is mostly not required.
  • The remote is an amazing feature that allows manual correction.
  • Customer service is very quick and responsive.


  • Requires charging every third day

8. Sit Boo-boo

This electric dog fence comes with 500 ft of solid copper wire. It can offer fencing solution in a yard as large as 20 acres.

  • It comes with 7 correction settings and built-in surge protection that issues in terms of tone and vibration.
  • The collars are weatherproof and work in temperatures below zero as well. They are completely waterproof and withstand snow, rain, sand, and mud.
  • The system can support unlimited collars.


  • The fence system is very easy to install.
  • The customer care is very responsive and helpful.
  • Perfect for uniquely shaped yards too.


  • Collar battery may need frequent charging.

Do you need a wireless dog fence?

If you ask someone who has been using a wireless dog fence for a while, he/she will be amazed by the fact that they ever lived without it. The best wireless dog fence is the ideal solution to prevent your dog from escaping. However, remember that it is not a solution to your problem of intruding animals and you still need to be careful about that.

A wireless dog fence is ideal for every dog owner who has a cuddle buddy ready to escape or venture out. Invisible dog fences are your best bet if you live in a community that restricts you on the type of fence you install. A wireless dog fence ensures that the aesthetics of your yard are uncompromised. So, if you are worried about your fur escapist and also care about how your space looks, the best wireless invisible dog fence is what you need.

A pet fence also allows you to restrict your dogs in your space when you are dealing with a huge piece of land. This is because the cost of regular fencing is per foot. The wireless electric dog fences are not only aesthetically better but also quite cost-effective. Hence, you definitely need one if you want a boundary for your dogs.

Important Features to Consider when looking for wireless dog fence system

The best wireless dog fence should come with a requisite set of features. Here are some features you should consider to select the best wireless electric fence:

Perimeter: All you need to do to get the wireless dog fence working is to plug the transmitter and get the collar to sync. Hence, the functionality is typically plug and play. You can choose a range at which the transmitter will emit a barrier. The range will determine how far your dog can go. Look for the maximum range that the transmitter you are considering can support and check if it suits your requirements.

Buried wire: If the shape or location of your property doesn’t support a round area fence, a hybrid wireless fence may be right for you. This system requires burying the wire where you need a barrier for the dog. This way you can clearly bifurcate the play zones and forbidden areas. However, this setup involves digging and burying.

Owner’s expectations: Every owner has a different expectation from their wireless dog fence. While some may just want to contain the dog to a fixed space, others may additionally want to prevent some area from being entered into. This could be a garden or your work area. You can look for a transmitter that can create a containment zone as well as define an off-limit zone for the dog.

Customized areas will need quite some buried wire: An electric dog fence that will enable you to set customized areas for restricting your dog from will require a lot of buried wire. This will allow you to mark off several areas and define the shapes of your choice. You must buy adequate wire for burying if you plan on customizing the areas.

Range of transmitter: The perimeter fences offer restriction in a circular manner. If your property if differently shaped and cannot be covered by a circle, you will have to look at a larger range. Buried fences will also require you to plan for a larger range.

Train them as you contain them: What is better than accomplishing training alongside containing your pup. A pup collar that syncs with the transmitter will help accomplish this. You can even pair a remote with the collar that allows you to discourage bad behavior manually. It is a good idea to look out for these features while looking for a product.

Benefits of a wireless dog fence

Here are some benefits of installing a wireless dog fence:

Ease of installation: A traditional dog fence is very tedious and difficult to install. You can imagine how frustrating it can be with the tasks involved- you need to erect poles, paint and highlight boundaries for the dog, etc. It is more cumbersome than it seems. It will also need you to ask for someone’s help. A wireless dog fence, on the other hand, will only need burying and programming. You just need to set a boundary limit and sync it with your dog’s collar and you’re good to go.

Can work with multiple dogs: All you need to add more dogs into the same wireless dog fence system is additional fence collars. Some models originally come with additional collars, if not you can order more separately.

More cost-effective than traditional fencing: The wireless invisible fence for dogs is undoubtedly more cost-effective than the traditional ones. You realize it more when you have a larger yard space to cover. It is also less wasteful- just imagine replacing an entire physical fence with just a transmitter and collar.

Effective fix for escapist dogs: No dog likes an electric charge and is likely to resist it, despite how scary it is. It will kick in a correction as soon as the dog crosses the imaginary boundary.

The transmitter is quite durable: Whereas metal fences can rust and degrade with time, wireless components of the wireless dog fencing systems can sustain extreme weather such as rain and lightning.

Portable: This is probably one of the best features of wireless invisible fences for dogs. It can be mounted anywhere without any compromise on the performance. The dog can move easily within the permitted area as soon as the installation is complete.

Minimal costs of maintenance: Conventional dog fences need human efforts to set up as well as manage. They also come with exorbitant maintenance and replacement costs. A wireless dog fence can be maintained quite easily and doesn’t need significant maintenance expenditure.

Effective in dog training: Efficient training of your dog requires corrections at the right time in order to accomplish tasks fast and efficiently. An electric dog fence is an ideal solution to your dog training needs. It issues correction signals at the right time in order to train even the most aggressive and stubborn dogs. The pre-programmed signals will act as an instructor for your dog.

Your landscaping stays intact: All your wireless dog fence needs for efficient functioning is a buried wire and a collar for signaling. In no way does it affect how your yard looks or changes the appearance of your neighborhood.

Warranty: All the best wireless dog fence solutions come with a warranty that ensures you against damage. It also keeps you assured about the level of shock and casing. This is a confidence booster for customers that are looking to change their product or buying a similar product for the first time.

Watch Video: Benefits of an invisible fence  (Real Experience)

How to train using an invisible dog fence

Although a lot has been said about the effectiveness of invisible fencing for containing your dog, it may require quite some training for your pet to understand. So, what seems pretty quick and easy will require a fair level of understanding from you to train effectively. Invisible dog fence is essentially laid underground and is complemented by a transmitter collar that goes around your dog’s neck. The collar issues a beep as soon as the pet approaches the fencing area. This beep acts as a signal for the dog to turn back. If the dog ignores the beep and continues, it will get a shock. Some brands spray citronella on the dog’s face instead of issuing a shock. The dog will not like any of these and would likely stay away when it beeps next time. It is, however, the owner’s responsibility to convey the essence of beeping and fencing response to the dog.

If you fail to convey this, the dog may end up confused and try to cross the invisible dog fence. Make sure that the dog is aware of the basic commands before you try to train them with wireless invisible fences for dogs. It is also important to keep your expectations in check.

Remember, fence training will not show 100% results only in a few weeks. It will take your dog, significant exposure to new experiences and situations to fully understand what is expected of them.

Begin with defining the boundaries in order to start training your dog to understand the wireless dog fence system. Further, add markers such as flags or cones to define the path that the underground invisible fencing covers. Take your dog around the area when on a leash and let him walk around the circumference with the fencing de-activated. This will help him smell and get accustomed to these new things in the yard.

Once the dog has a hang of the new additions to the yard, activate the fencing and take it only in areas where the beep sounds. Do this for about 7-10 days. Later, put the dog on a leash and tie to a post so the dog cannot cross the beep area. Let him roam around within this periphery. Repeat it for a few days.

Now increase the length of the leash and allow the dog to reach just past the circumference of the invisible wireless dog fence. Call it back as it approaches the warning beep area. Appreciate and reward the dog for the effort. If the dog doesn’t obey and crosses, it will get a shock or spray. Let him examine the perimeter and get shocked or sprayed if it crosses. This will convey the consequences of crossing the boundary and also let the dog know of the defined boundary.

Get rid of a few perimeter markings each day and let the dog explore when on leash until the boundaries are completely memorized. Most dogs take nearly 6 weeks to learn the confines completely and then they can be left in the yard without the leash.

As a word of caution, do not let the dog play without supervision in a yard fenced with an invisible dog fence. Some dogs realize that the shock ceases once they cross the perimeter. This could encourage them to jump past and just roam free.

An invisible dog fence may not be right for every dog as each dog is different and owners must understand their dogs and responses before leaving them to play unsupervised.

Differences between Wireless portable dog fences and in-ground fences

If you are still in doubt whether to opt for wireless dog fences or in-ground fences, you must take a close look at the differences between them and ascertain which one works for you. They both are effective at keeping your dog safe in the yard, here are some differences you may want to consider. These differences are based on some factors mentioned below:

Size and landscape of your yard: The transmitter strength can determine how much area can your dog fencing system cover. In most cases, the reach of a wireless fence is a maximum of 25 acres whereas it is above 1000 acres in case of an in-ground fence. The impact of your landscape on the functioning of your electric dog fence is also worth considering. A wireless dog fence and an in-ground fence are completely opposite in terms of how they function.

Here are some points to remember:

  • A wireless fence triggers a static correction when the collar loses signal from the transmitter. This is ensured if there is a direct line between the transmitter and the dog. Wireless dog fences are, thus appropriate for open spaces that are wide, flat and obstruction-free.
  • If you have any metal installations in your yard, your transmitter will have trouble with the consistency of signals in the case of a wireless dog fencing system. This is because metals interfere with the wireless fence signal. This will mean static correction even when the dog has not crossed the containment area.
  • An in-ground fence, on the other hand, receives a signal from the boundary wire. Hence, the in-ground electric dog fence doesn’t have signal interference problems despite the landscape and hindrances in your yard.

The landscape and obstructions in your property, hence, play a major role in determining which type of electric dog fence you need.

The shape of the area you intend to cover: Wireless fences limit the confinement area to a circular shaped periphery. Even the best wireless dog fence may not work for you if you have a rectangular or odd-shaped property or you live in an area where your neighbors live quite close. In such setups, if you define the wireless dog fence boundary within your space, the dog may not have ample space to play.

In-ground dog fences are better in such cases as you can customize them to fit any shape of the property. They also allow you to bury wires and define other off-limit areas.

Ease of installation: Wireless dog fences are among people’s favorites because they are very easy and quick to setup. They can be up and running in less than an hour and can be installed anywhere you go. You can just put it in your car, take to your holiday and keep your dog safe and secure. All you need to set up a wireless electric dog fence is a power source for the transmitter.

An in-ground fence, on the other hand, takes more effort and time to set up as it requires planning the layout and burying the boundary.

Costs of maintenance: A wireless dog fence system has only 2 components i.e the transmitter and the receiver collar. This makes the wireless electric dog fences maintenance free. The only routine maintenance you will have to take care of is with the collar and that will have to with replacing or recharging the batteries. You may also need to periodically replace the metal contact points and washers.

In-ground dog fencing systems can be quite frustrating when it comes to maintenance. Apart from the collar, you will also have to take care of breaks in the boundary wire.

Reliability of Signal: An in-ground dog fence provides a clear and well-defined boundary whereas just any other wireless system, the signal in even the best wireless dog fence can be intermittent.

It ultimately depends on your personal choice and dynamics of your property as to which system will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wireless dog fence and how does it work?

A wireless dog fence is a containment system that will prevent your dog from straying away from your yard without having to install any physical barriers.

It consists of two parts, a transmitter, and a receiver. The transmitter is powered by an electric outlet and the collar has a receiver. The transmitter works by sending out radio frequencies. You can adjust the signal distance based on where you want the boundary. If the dog goes beyond the limit you have set, it will receive a corrective shock that is not painful. It is just like a splash of cold water on the face.

How deep do you bury a dog fence?

The wire of a dog fence must be buried in a trench that is about 1-3 inches deep. This allows for adequate signal transmission.

How much does it cost to install an electric dog fence?

The cost of an electric dog fence will depend on certain factors such as the area you intend to cover, the brand you buy, the additional accessories, etc.

What’s the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid or semi-wireless dog fence?

The wireless dog fence uses no wires at all whereas the semi-wireless dog fence uses a mix of wired and wireless receivers.

Are wireless dog fences effective?

The effectiveness of a wireless dog fence depends on several factors such as the shape and size of your property, brand of collar and transmitter, etc. They are mostly quite effective and loved by dog owners.

Are wireless dog fences safe?

Wireless dog fences are quite safe. The static correction is not traumatic or painful, but only like a splash of cold water.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for dogs to use electric fences?

It is advised that the dog be at least 8 weeks old in order to use an electric fence. Nevertheless, an electric fence for small dogs above 8 weeks is quite a hit.

Can wireless dog fences be used with toy breeds?

Yes, wireless dog fences can be used for all breeds.

Will the static correction be painful for the dog?

No, the static correction will not be painful for the dog, It will just shock them like a cold splash of water on the face.

Can a wireless invisible dog fence be used on sloped yard?

The wireless invisible dog fence will work on a mildly sloped yard but not a steep one.

Can it be used during rain?

The wireless dog fence can be used in mild rain but heavy rain will interfere with the signal.

How does my dog understand where the boundaries are?

Yes, after some training, the dog will understand where the boundaries are.

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