The 10 Best Dog Hair Dryers

Whether you have a Dachshund or Golden Retriever dog as your lovely furry friend, you will agree to the struggle associated with their grooming. Especially when it comes to drying their furry coat after they take a bath or get drenched in the rain. Their fur needs to be dried so that they can stay … Read more

The 5 Best Dog Nail Grinders

Dog nail grinders are a must-have for dog owners. Yet they’re often overlooked in favor of expensive visits to the groomer or more difficult do-it-yourself efforts with a dog nail clipper. We’ll explain what a dog nail grinder is, what to look for in dog grinders and some of the best dog nail grinders on … Read more

How to Cut Overgrown Dog Nails

Some dog owners dread the job of clipping a dog’s nails. But, this is something we need to do regularly for the health of the animal. If you have left things too late, or if you have adopted a dog with overgrown nails, you need to create the best nail clipping regime possible. This means: … Read more