Why does my dog listen to my husband but not me?

There could be several reasons why your dog listens to your husband but not to you. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Tone of voice: Dogs are highly attuned to vocal cues and may respond differently to different tones of voice. Your husband’s voice may have a deeper or more authoritative tone that your dog is more responsive to.
  2. Body language: Dogs also pay attention to body language, and your husband’s body language may be more assertive or confident than yours, which could make your dog more likely to respond to him.
  3. Training: It’s possible that your husband has spent more time training your dog than you have, which could explain why your dog is more responsive to him. Consistent training and positive reinforcement are key to creating a well-behaved dog.
  4. Confidence: Dogs are more likely to listen to confident and assertive leaders. If you are less confident or hesitant when giving commands, your dog may be less likely to listen to you.
  5. Relationship: Dogs often form stronger bonds with one person in the household than others. If your husband spends more time with your dog or has a stronger bond with them, your dog may be more responsive to him.

If you’re struggling to get your dog to listen to you, try to identify the factors that may be contributing to the issue and work on improving them. Consistent training, positive reinforcement, and building a strong bond with your dog can all help to improve obedience and responsiveness.

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